Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.


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    Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.
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    Have you ever wondered why I left ROBUST? This video will tell you why JELLY SLOGO and I are no longer recording! I hope you all can understand my point of view. :)
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    1. Tiger

      Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger. Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️ Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎

      1. daewoo3690


      2. john guia

        That would be awesome 😃

      3. bahthearenterprise mimi

        :3 Awesome

      4. game boy

        That so awesome for you guys and If you guys are planning to have an another KGupr Can it be a girl plz. :)

      5. Andrew Nesko


    2. Fnclompext Fn

      He left because of corona i think

    3. Angel Pacheco-Yunker

      But r u ever going to join back

    4. Sweaters 4 life

      Are you ever gonna play with them again?

    5. misuyy fong

      Jordi: I respect myself too Me: press F to pay respects

    6. Broadford p School

      I'm high still beau

      1. misuyy fong


    7. Broadford p School

      I love you beau

    8. The Meme lord Thanos nugget

      Hm neat

    9. Broadford p School

      But beau

    10. Broadford p School

      But beau y did he leave

    11. Broadford p School

      But beau

    12. Damjan Janev

      Respect for everything but please stop faking your reactions when playing a game or just reacting to something


      I feel bad for jordie

    14. OC_jchance_919 v2

      6:06 just join them again they probably miss you and want you back

    15. aj webb

      Ples check me awt on miy chanol aj webb

    16. Anna Grigorian

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

      1. Anna Grigorian

        Record about some When Channels

      2. Anna Grigorian

        👎 no

    17. XxLittleM&MxX

      Can u help me?

    18. owhddjsjaskdjd


    19. Eldor A

      Wow I realize that I have been disrespecting Jordi since they stopped recording with each other after I watched this video and got the true answers. I used to get really mad at Jordi and say some bad words in his comment section on KGup on his videos. Jordi was fun in every videos that it was so hard to realize he had depression. Sorry man. Keep up the good work👍👍

    20. zoltan nesticzki

      Id rather die

    21. Kevin Mcbride-Gardner

      i will see if tiger is good for me to

    22. Eastin Wolfmeier


    23. Dosilma Jessica

      Bro how many youtuber are commenting

    24. Jaded Wisp

      Hey, jordi, wanna train me? Been doing youtube for almost a year and a half, its just...not clicking though. Or gaining traction.

    25. PennyPlayz

      jordi can you help me

    26. Red eye

      sorry that your dad die

    27. Darlena Brock

      Plz then kweblklop plz help me become a better youtuber

    28. Gwen Tracey

      Tiger I love your vids

    29. Krispy

      If helping people makes you happy, then you should help your fans with KGup! Maybe make a poll to see what people think

    30. Appie Bulut

      Kwebbelkop u bent toch Nederlands

    31. gamerboy1008_ Kieren weir

      A dad died as well and I’m 11😭😭😭🥺

    32. chrissslayyer112 velasco

      Dont join back plz

    33. Re Heat Jay

      You are a great youtuber don't quit

    34. Gooper FN

      Jordi I know what you said was very hard to say and thank you for teling us this I know that depression is super hard and im glad that your doing good.

    35. Davit Balashvili

      Hey Jordy, I think you should attempt to go back in the group with tiger and you guys might just beat 50,000 subscribers if you ever get no idea what to do to enjoy doing KGup again. Just a guess but still might beat pewdiepie and t series. I wish you luck Jordy!

    36. chameleon gamer

      Sorry for your depression

    37. Erlend Celius

      I almost began to cry, like that was talking to my heart and it was listening, then the ad came up and I was like: "Really..?", but keep up the good work!

    38. Aziz Yilmaz

      Kwebbelkop is like knobbelboy xD

    39. Naruto Usimaki


    40. Jovani Ortiz

      I hate people that say being a KGupr is easy


      I been a fan in 2018

    42. Markee Dunston

      Add all this was lean up to some weird huge war between all the channels

    43. joey de game streamer

      co u accept teen agers in your group

    44. Gauge Valdez-Lugo

      what accent was the when you said "talk".0:53

    45. Sander Vliet

      kwebbelkop: I really don't do youtube for the money youtube: plays ad

      1. Sander Vliet

        @AryanGray that is correct, corrected add to ad

      2. AryanGray

        U edited it in 56sec

    46. Milo Wang

      But why are you playng whit togre huh ??? I tipid to the TikTok to

    47. Joseph Varughese

      Jordi sounds like he don’t swallow his saliva

    48. Jan Vávra

      Wtf stop lying. I LiKe YoUtUBe, I liKe tHiS JoB

    49. Squeaker MCgee

      I used to have depression, that’s gone now tho.:)

    50. Jaxon Albright

      Well now I understand

    51. Zander McKim

      I miss the og days

    52. RemiXeris :D

      1.40 u talk about azyland?

    53. dragon blaze

      Kwebbelkop they replaced you with creener

    54. dragon blaze


    55. Victoria Gillihan

      Sorry dude

    56. Jack Shilling

      I haven’t watched kwebbelkop in like 3 years

    57. Jackson

      you mean the people who made you famous, right?

    58. Osama Dilkhan

      Than play Withen

    59. laine cheek

      Dude it is ok all of the kops will be strong with you!

    60. Anthony Umana-Paniagua

      Plot twist: there was a fight and this is just a cover up Jk this is just a joke for those who think I'm being serious

    61. Rolph Dubuisson

      tiger is better than you

    62. gazi rehan

      7:38 you also do it fro money because there are ads in this video

    63. Tron Playz

      Do you plan on ever joining back?

    64. The bro the PRO 123 Möllare

      Your ar a good youtube

    65. Devin Freddy Medina

      Jordi pls record with the two guys and

    66. Minecraft Playz


    67. Cameron Swain

      On youtube

    68. Cameron Swain

      Please help me

    69. Stephanie Madrigal

      Sometimes if you have depression you should work on yourself or spend time with friends but not to many cause then you can have to much piled up I hope this can help with you and others 😁💚

    70. Steven Oliveras

      You are the best jordi keep it up

    71. JoeStylish 800

      Help me out help me out 9:30

    72. Josef Hellman

      You’re a really nice person

    73. Javier Delgado

      Hope you play agin miss yall playing

    74. Stephanie Madrigal

      I hope u get better cause when I saw ur vids I had depression but not anymore 😁

    75. Javier Delgado

      Just because covied wow

    76. Sulaxshan Gaming destroyers

      Awww this is so nice

    77. Theboyzyth

      Sad pls com back man:

    78. Anton Prekazi

      Jordi good job bro.👍🏼

    79. Seenarine Isaac

      (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)(╥﹏╥)( ꈨຶ ˙̫̮ ꈨຶ )(〒﹏〒)

    80. Jatin Bajaj

      Man ,i got to say I really miss thise toxic jjj videos mainly gta 5 races , i mean my whole school life was that i would wake up and see all their video thumbnails and then thinking about it in school , and then finally coming back to home and watching all the videos while eating my lunch

    81. Alex .S

      Holy crap man that’s when I stopped watching you holy crap man. I still remeber the old days hahah well I hope you’re doing better bro

    82. Ghost Boy

      Everyone has the check mark in the comments😂

    83. Piskula Translations

      Wow...... Just Wow.... Didnt know anything about this, thank you for explaining

    84. space man

      Ben ik hier de enige nl comment🥺

    85. Ershia Godbolt

      we still love you

    86. Ershia Godbolt

      it ok

    87. Catoo Kleinhesseling

      Hallo kwebbel kop je bent de beste youtuber ooit🥰

    88. Zynxy yt

      are u ever gonna play with them again?

    89. Sahawat Karami

      We all know it now *ahem* (join them back)

    90. BOT

      It's called discount kwebbelkop multimillion don't listen to me but still I'm happy that he doing ok

    91. Kooly looly

      Okay now you can get back together

    92. YT kawlic

      Poor guy 😪

    93. isaac Sierra

      I hope my amigo

    94. Julian Van Dooren

      No pls😭✌

    95. Anthony Phillip

      We are happy to see yo doing good Jordi

    96. DataBro_YTツ

      I really want JJJ squad back and I dont wanna see that JJC Squad U could also make JJJC Squad

    97. 333.01

      "and I don't care about making an extra buck on youtu-" *2 Ads*

      1. Makthebeast 09

        Same thing happened to me lmao

    98. Spyros Psomaras


    99. Leo Mcdunn

      jordi should be a teacher

    100. Shane Campbell

      Can you make one(1) last video with all of you guys i love all five (5) of you guys and i would really like one (1) more video.plz