Welcome to my channel. My name is Kwebbelkop or Jordi. I'm an English speaking KGupr! I like making videos and I love to do silly stuff. I love playing games with my friends and interacting with my KOPS! I upload at least 1 video every single day at the exact same time. I love watching funny videos, seeing amazing animations, and enjoying family friendly content. If you enjoy amazing videos. you have come to the right place!
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  1. Jiv Ishaan Janghi

    3:34 what language is that im confused between some

  2. Salman Ismanto

    It's in the in indonesia😃

  3. Maria White

    Yh for dfrt

  4. Joyeswill

    I love gta 5 so much

  5. Shreyas Yeolekar

    So sad !😥😥😥

  6. Carlie Ronning


  7. Hayden Qin

    The music was that guys weakness

  8. version 2.0

    come on i grew up with you guy

  9. Ahmed Ishaan

    This is your day

  10. Geetha Rajheshwaran

    The disliker are the people from corporate night show ...... Xd

  11. Lanky

    pc gamer: :( S E R I O U S L Y

  12. Hayden Qin

    Also you can’t drink or a single instance snap your leg I mean neck and nearly kill you which is pretty much pretty much even if you blink and nobody can come up with the eyes open so that’s why so many people died yeah nothing can destroy it I want to keep them in the room

  13. Hayden Qin

    That is SEP a big 173-4137 I don’t know but whatever

  14. Mildred Bautista

    You tell secret publicly

  15. Anomymizers Gaming

    Dit is echt geen 5,000,000 waard lol kk skeere voor dit geld heb je een dikke villa of een landhuis in amerika hahah

  16. Fong's Review

    Do it trever

  17. Ljupka Ilieva

    Jordy your dragon is fm that means that your dragon is a girl

  18. Eeyah Angelie Mundares

    kwebbelkop open the door

  19. Felix Farley


  20. Hnin Wai


  21. KatoKurt

    The people who disliked cried so much they missed the like button while watching this video.

  22. Jean pierre dona

    But God say love each other like I love you all

  23. satwinder singh sidhu

    I feel like jordi is a millionaire

  24. C J

    can you get back together now that your happy again

  25. MemeGod_OP

    mey be you can join them back

  26. sean carlos

    Can I be a member

  27. Maarten Bos

    So jordi has an Abarth

  28. Νίνα Τσιρίκη

    your hose is aysym

  29. Ljupka Ilieva

    Right click

  30. Austin Cao


  31. Megat Ali Zulqarnian

    No you destroy my country with your heart nooo malaysia near indonesia

  32. james kevin2009

    Kwebbelkop kool

  33. Alex Stoqnov

    Come-on guys let's get this guy to 100k likes

  34. Mlg Gecko

    Hey jordi I'm from Germany and I can also speak a little bit Netherlands ik heb aan frag heb jij rough jeslape

  35. Rockycalles2017 Calles

    Well do what you need to so you can get better and if you don’t film with them we gust want you to be healthy be safe

  36. Bharathi Attada

    The name of the Digene is an endside

  37. Lil Bros

    T20 Banana

  38. Ljupka Ilieva

    You got it from creative cheater

  39. Singkham Douangvilay


  40. shahid quraishi

    If solog and is seeing this they will be surprised and this well start to cry like me

  41. Adila Hanan

    Its a cool looking playstation Banana

  42. RJ

    meet the man who called "Tadpoles" fishies


    I'm your big fan kwebbelkop ❤️❤️

  44. e

    Jordi: 2028 i bough the world

  45. Yaboi-J

    Scene from song................... I GOT A SON Y'ALL 👀 👄can we just talk about that for a moment


    Love from Pakistan

  47. Deniah Sarevoel


  48. taith aeh

    Xbox Nana

  49. Muhammad Taufik Jalaludin

    You are a bad girl



  51. dan tj tj dan

    Get a lomboo

  52. ishaan gupta

    Literally no body gives a shit

  53. Mandarv Vij

    5:27 did u see the diamond

  54. Kushagra Deshpande

    pls help ahaan deshpande plz bro plz


    I get it I felt some hard times too.

  56. Xmode 113

    Who else watched this while being poor😭 Kwebbelkop Pls can you send me 2000 dollars for my pc setup❤️❤️❤️ im currently on my rusty ps4

  57. Anime Time

    Ngl the house in Amsterdam are pretty cool and its sooo smooth i wish i live there

  58. vijayakumari vijayakumari


  59. vijayakumari vijayakumari

    Spider man is so so cool

  60. rose nieta

    I hate you

  61. Deepak singh

    Me to

  62. Shahmeer Khurram

    Hassan is Pakistani i am a Pakistani as well

  63. Hayden Garnett

    Just pause the video and read the text from his Girlfriend 🤣

  64. RECK7ESS

    Umm is he flexing

  65. 1nOmlAd

    It sound like that a boulder hit u I hit a huge boulder young (right now) i hit it this moments and i am in depression 2 I lost my 2 bff that i threated as sisters and they threated me the same ane when i lost those 2 i felt i lost two thirds and they helped me every step of the way, my parents is PWD (person with disability) since i was 4, and i have been living with it for 6 years and since i lost my bffs i have no one to spend time with, and i am still in depression and if my bffs r reading this, i want to let u 2 know that i want you guys back -Norainne

  66. gotcha !

    Fk its been a long time ;) i remember the days where you were daily vlogging and i missed it!

  67. A piece of edwin

    Help shredderFTW

  68. SosigXD

    Video is looped.

  69. Aqil Qushaiyyi Mohamad

    Kwebbelkop rich

  70. A R

    12:19 The Porsche 911 Turbo S its the fastest car right now well lets just say Bugatti is gone than it’s #1

  71. Saidul Islam Akash

    We all was waiting for this answer for a long time 👍🏻👍🏻

  72. Oscar Umney

    Jordie one

  73. Jaden george

    7:20 Is that a supra

  74. Abdul Hannan

    I have ordered a 3d printer but better one then this

  75. Jacy Steven

    Nice man